Essay is a type of discussion open to literature or science. It exhibits acquired insights and is analyzed and interpreted. Interpreting presents concepts, phenomena and ideas in time and space. Interpretation is done on the basis of description and discussion.

Types of essays

  1. Interpretative essay

Here is a text to be analyzed. Usually it’s a poem or a piece from a literary work. This type of essay must contain information about the title of the work being processed and who is the author of the work.

  1. Discussion essay

The topics of the discussion essay refer to current events or those that were important to history. It can be offered the text that needs to be analyzed or the question to be answered and substantiated by the statements. The question is usually related to problems in the areas of society, culture, art, sports, media … There is no exact agreement here, but it has to express its opinion based on the experience.

  1. Comparative analysis of texts (two or more)

Give at least two texts that are linked in some way. It is important to express your personal attitude, to perceive the main problem of this similarity and difference in the texts.

Instructions for writing essays

At the very beginning, it is necessary to read the text and guidelines from which we have to compile an essay several times. When reading the second one, it is good to point out the phrases so we know what way to go.

Furthermore, it is necessary to compile an essay-based essay writing, elaboration and conclusion. Do not forget that there is no universal answer to any one topic so keep your own mind.

Draft an essay

In order for the essay to be well written, it is important to compile a draft before writing to indicate that everything we wanted mentioned in the essay. Also be aware of grammatical and spelling mistakes, the sentences should be clear and precise.

In order for the concept to be well-placed, we have to decide which topic we are going to deal with, because if the thesis is not set up, we can not write a good essay. Every matter can be said to be in favor of it, as well as against it.

In the beginning, it is always important to write a good draft that will always be more pronounced when the elaboration has completely gained its shape. The development depends on the subject of the essay and the thesis set in the title.

The essay writing plan

To write essays, it is important to determine and analyze the subject and to spot and select the main problems we are going to deal with in the essay. Here, remember the knowledge related to the essay field.

In the second step, create a plan of essays and write a detailed breakdown. Compile the introduction and conclusion of the essay. Read everything you wrote and correct any mistakes if you have them.

The introduction should include the topic of essays and guidelines that we will further analyze in the development. There are several arguments to argue. The sentences should be clear and not too long.

The essay development is the most comprehensive and most important part of the essay. Your thoughts should be supported by arguments and quotes. Do not forget that much of the essay must have your personal attitude. The paper does not need to be dealt with by describing the answers to the questions raised in the introduction.

The essay completes the whole essay. It is good to repeat the subject and arguments again so that they emphasize the very thesis. A good conclusion will be of great importance to the whole work.

Finally, from the notes, plan, and draft, write the essay, read it, and correct the spelling and grammatical errors. Essay always write in the present time.